Lighting and capturing will never be the same again

rapidmount slx.Speedlight Holder and Q20 Accessory Mount stick your gear where you want it when you need it. RapidMounts adhere to walls, buildings, windows and more without damaging the surface nor leaving a residue behind.

See RapidMounts in Action

If your a speedlight photographer, the SLX is going to become one of the most important tools in your bag. – Jared Platt, Wedding Photographer/Educator

RapidStrips将RapidMount SLX和Q20粘附到任何光滑,涂漆或轻微纹理的表面,如:干墙,胶合板,玻璃,镜子,层压板,玻璃纤维,金属,瓷砖,瓷器和大理石。他们轻松去除,不要损坏表面并没有留下残留物。一包10次RACKSTRIPS是SLX和Q20。重新填充包。Shop now

  • EasyPeel Tabs,用于快速安装
  • Removes Easily
  • 不会损坏表面
  • 留下没有残留物


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